Here our portfolio of 3D renders for you to look at and get an impression of what 3D renders are. All renders can be animated as well. Possibilities are limitless. Think of animations with the lighting, the object itself, materials, environment, camera, particles, water, rain, morphing, explosions, etc. We can balance between speedy delivery and quality. A good render can take 10 minutes which is a bit pricey for animations. Animations use around 24 frames per second, so you can imagine that it takes a looong time to render an animation.

But luckily we can also render super-fast, like 4 seconds a frame. The quality is nearly the same and you might not see the difference. Though, some subjects don’t do well in fast rendering like plants, grass, metals with sharp gloss and some others. But its good possible to provide you a product visualisation with the fast rendering technique. This would not be possible years ago, and still a lot of companies doing product visualisations are not using it. Remember: everything changes, and time flies.

3D Renders of vehicles.

Below our a portfolio of renders of 3D vehicles. Usually we are more focused on product visualisation but we can also do outdoor rendering and bring your digital vehicle to live. We don’t do highly detailed vehicles as shown here. Vehicles are provided by the Transportation plugin.

  • 3D model of a digger
  • 3D scene - outdoors and tractor
  • 3D render of a car in street
  • Same digital car but other 3D environment and compositing

Other places where you can find New Media Supply’s work

A good place is on artstation which we don’t use that frequently but where we post suitable renders for you to watch. We post also on other social media but that is to promote our plugins and assets for the open source community and has other requirements than what you are looking for.