Is Blender hard to learn

If Blender is hard to learn depends on the objective. Overall the Blender software has a higher learning curve than programs like Photoshop. But if you have a specific goal, you can specialize yourself. For example if you are an architect and want to showcase a stylistic render, it’s not that hard. On the other hand if you want to create realistic renders, you need to study a bit longer. So to answer the question If Blender hard to learn is, it depends on your objective.

The first challenge you encounter is “Where do I start”. Even with all the available tutorials, it takes time to find that out. First step is to understand what Blender can do and how the user interface works. But here is a problem; the user interface is huge, and it depend what you want to do with Blender. It’s not possible to know the whole user interface. Namely the pace of development of the Blender software is faster than one can learn. So, I recommend you to understand what Blender can do, and specify what you want.

How to learn the Blender software

There are loads of ways to learn the Blender software. There are paid courses available on Blender Market, Gumroad and Udemy. Or you can look for a Choaching 101. Another option is to look for free tutorials on YouTube. But there is more…..

New Media Supply provides a list of free but hand picked tutorials on There you can select a category, or select a level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). When you get stuck somehow, or the free tutorials are not efficient, do the Coaching 101.

Get free advice

More and more businesses go for open source software like Blender. This is because Blender is the top open source software for content creation. Because the business world just started to discover Blender, most likely you have a lot of question marks. Now, it is New Media Supply’s objective to stimulate Blender to integrate in the business world. This is our priority number one. Therefore, we love to help you at not cost finding out what Blender can do for your business. Head over to Contact Me, and who know what doors we can open.

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