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What does a Digital Marketing Specialist do, and how to become one? And you also would like to know where you can find these jobs if they offer remote work and how much they pay? So let’s dive into it.

What does a digital marketing specialist do?

The goal is to drive traffic to its pages and create interest in its products and services. To accomplish that, there are many techniques: SEO, PPC, copywriting, content writing, creating engaging graphics, and video content. In addition, you will use social media to post eye-catchers, engage on forums. Also, you will find out if the posts are working by studying the analytics of the platform.

Most likely, you will use paid advertisements, and therefore you need to forecast the marketing campaigns. This way, you can calculate the possible benefits. And because it’s as good as impossible to follow the latest trends and do everything yourself, most likely, you look for third-party graphic designers, web designers, and videographers. But don’t worry, being a Digital Marketing Specialist is very exciting, and there is a lot to learn every day. I hope this answers your question, “What does a digital marketing specialist do?”

Digital Marketing Specialist -Cover
Digital Marketing, an impression

How to become a digital marketing specialist?

One path is to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or Marketing. Next is to gain experience in Marketing and become an SEO expert after that. After that, dive into PPC advertising, and become a team manager. Finally, you learn how to use Data Analysis and Reporting tools.

Another way is to be like a social media influencer and entrepreneur. Mind that you don’t have to do everything yourself and hire people like graphic designers. The benefit of this is that you will be ahead of the standards. Remember that digital media technology develops with the speed of light, and schools often lag behind a few years. Nowadays, many companies are asking for a portfolio. That’s why this article is here.

How to become a digital Marketing Specialist - reality vs theory
How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist? – Reality vs. theory.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Depending on your experience, the salary is around $40,000 a year on average. The minimum salary would be $26,000 and the maximum $50,000. In pounds, that is as follows:

  • Average: £28,934
  • Minimum £18,807
  • Maximum £36,167

Some other sources show a higher number that ranges from $56K to $87k. It also depends, of course, what company offers the job. Oracle, for example, offers $104k

Related job titles

  • Digital Marketing Manager $124k
  • Digital Marketing Strategist $67k
  • Online Marketing $66k
  • Digital Marketing Analist $72k

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