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Digital Media

The world is changing and does that fast. Where we used mainly newspapers 30 years ago, we are now using the internet, our e-mail, our apps. And where we used to watch T.V. we are using now services like Netflix. If that is interesting you, you are here at the right place: New Media Supply – About us.

The whole media industry an and education changes, sometimes a bit slower, but it does. We are living now in a new media era. And we are here so you won’t miss the boat. New Media Supply provides digital media you can use on Social Media, in your Video Marketing, Video Explainers, Visualisers, you name it.

What New Media Supply can do for you

New Media Supply has 6 years of experience with the best Open Source software available to create New Media. Some changes in business models made it possible for open source software to compete with commercial software. There is a huge shift in business nowadays from commercial software to open source. Together with many other contributors, New Media Supply provided plugins and assets for software to create New Media. Now, what we can do for you is providing animations, product visualisation, explainers, video content, special effects, 3D assets you can use in your own software, 360 environments and video’s, sound-tracks and everything in between. We are focused on creating New Media with help from 3D creation software for Social Media and other platforms.

Where you can find New Media on the Internet?

It looks like New Media Supply is nearly everywhere on the internet. Here are few places where you can find our work:

  • Our LinkedIn profile.
  • On Facebook where we post news about our contributions to the open source community to produce New Media.
  • And the same for our Twitter account.
  • Our website is quite succesful with more than 30K visitors a month.
  • We were also active on Youtube with tutorials.
  • Even New Media Supply on Pinterest did better than we expected.
  • And the list goes on with Dribble, SoundCloud, Ello, Artstation, Tumblr, Instagram, Blogger, MySpace, Reverbnation.
  • And of course, if you type in Google or Bing: New Media Supply, we are there on top. (So dear SEO agencies, please don’t contact me over and over again. Our SEO is fine. Let me know if we can help you instead).