New Media Supply – About us

If speed is what you need - We take the shortcut - connecting the industry with artists
The world is rapidly changing. We need a shortcut.

The world is changing and does that faster than we can comprehend. A solution is to connect the artists and freelancers with the industry. Why is this a solution? Glad you asked. Marketing and digital media creation in the industry lag behind by far. Who does not lag behind? Those are selected freelancers and artists with a strong drive to be the best and first in their area. We, New Media Supply, bring these individuals and the industry together.

What we do for artists and creators.

We provide tools to work with and give training in faster production for artists and creators. In addition, we ensure that our selection of artists delivers quality. Once the rate falls below a threshold, we provide the artist feedback on how to improve. On the other side, we analyze businesses’ values, vision, and mission that will feed the artist’s inspiration and fulfillment.

What we do for the industry.

We bring two worlds together; the industry and the “nerdy artists.” While we have plans to publish artists’ portfolios and provide a designated communication channel for the industry, you can contact us on LinkedIn, Discord server, and Twitter.

Connect with New Media Supply

It looks like New Media Supply is nearly everywhere on the internet. Here are a few places where you can find our work: